Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kelly Rowland- Commander ft. David Guetta


Here is the link to Kelly Rowland’s Commander music video:

Kelly Rowland’s Commander music video started off with a crowd of people dancing, so I automatically knew the tone for this video would be a fun filled atmosphere. Kelly emerges out a cloud of smoke, and she proceeds to command the crowd. There is a version of the singer wearing red as well one wearing black. I liked seeing the more edgy side of Kelly. I did not understand how the video tied into the song, but I still enjoyed the music video and I applaud Kelly as well as, Mashai Muto, the producer of the music video.

3 Pros
  1. The crowd sets the mood for a party, and that’s fitting for this song which has a techno type feel.
  2. I like the fact she showcased her DJ and gave him recognition, and I also liked that he transformed into his turntable.  
  3. Kelly commanded the crowd to dance at her music, and then the camera panned to the crowd dancing; I think that shows good artistic vision from the music video producer.
3 Cons
  1. No offense to Kelly, but I felt the spirit of Beyonce in this music video because the weave she was wearing. Her having one version of herself competing against the other one automatically made me think of Sasha Fierce and Beyonce.  
  2. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind their being two version of Kelly in this music video.
  3. I also didn’t understand the concept of a video as a whole in regards to the song. I think it could’ve been depicted in a more clear form and could’ve flowed better with the song


Sex in the Ville said...

I agree with you on this one Ro. I didn't really like the video at first but I could see it growing on me. The techno feel makes me think it could be a good one to dance to.

And I did not understand the black and red version of her. I felt that she was becoming too much like the Gaga Beyonce. And I didn't like that.

Rcollier029 said...

Thanks! It had to grow on me as well. I think she is trying to find her niche, but I do agree that it was something reminiscent of something Lady Gaga or Beyonce would do.

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