Friday, June 25, 2010

Justin Bieber- Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith


Here is the link to Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never Music Video:

Justin Bieber’s Never Say Music video ft. Jaden Smith is the union of two young stars for one cause.  The cause was to make a music video for the song that was featured on The Karate Kid (2010) soundtrack. It was interesting to me because I did not know that Jaden rapped until I saw this music video. The video was simplistic, but effective. I enjoyed seeing the artist interacting with one another because it made me feel as if they were close. However, their actions were distracting me from time to time. The director of the music video is Honey.

3 Pros
  1. In enjoyed the fact clips from The Karate Kid that were played in the music video.
  2. I also liked that the music video was shot in a music studio because you don’t see that often in music videos.
  3. The video clips in music video flowed extremely with the song.

3 Cons
  1. I was distracted by Jaden dancing randomly.  
  2. Random horseplay was also a diversion for me.
  3. The music video also ended awkwardly. 

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