Friday, July 23, 2010

T.I.- Got Your Back ft. Keri Hilson

Here is the link to T.I.’s Got Your Back Music Video:
T.I. and Keri Hilson collaborate to tell the tale of significant others that have each other’s backs. There are a couple of couples in the video and you get to see that they stick with each other through highs and lows. Simply stated this video is about unconditional love, and letting your significant other know you appreciate them being so supportive. Chris Robinson directed the Got Your Back music video.
3 Pros
  1. T.I. and Keri Hilson complement each other in multiple ways.
  2. You get to see a few couples in this video.
  3. The mother of T.I.’s significant other Tameka “Tiny” Cottle showed that she had T.I.’s back by making a cameo in the music video.
3 Cons
  1. The backgrounds behind Keri and T.I. were too simplistic.
  2. Keri Hilson’s jewelry did not impress me at all.
  3. You get to see that Keri and T.I. are essentially on either side of a wall prop with, and Chris Robinson could have used some video effects instead.

Monica- Love All Over Me (With America's Ending)

Here is the Link to Monica’s Updated Love All Over Me Music Video:
So, I’m not going to waste everyone’s time by re-reviewing the Love All Over Me Video. Yet, I wanted to update y’all by telling you that the world shoes the end of the video, and now the new version is available. I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I am just going to say Monica looked beautiful in her dress and happy with her husband. Warning: Don't read the video comments, like I foolishly did, unless you want the end to be spoiled for you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joell Ortiz - We Don't Believe You Ft. Joe Budden & Novel

Here is the link to Joell Ortiz’s We Don’t Believe You Music Video:

This music video is the platform for Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, and Novel to tell other people they need to see the things they talk about because they don’t take anyone’s word for truth. So, if you are trying to prove something to the aforementioned artist make sure you back your words up with your actions. The video was directed by Rick Cordero.

3 Pros
  1. There underrated artist are showcased together.
  2. As a person that listens to Joell Ortiz I felt this video displayed him well.
  3. You get to see the artists without much glitz and glamor. 

3 Cons
  1. For people that don’t know the artists it can be hard to decipher which artist is which.
  2. We Don’t Believe You looks low budget.
  3. The video looks like a vintage recording because lines run through it. 

Rick Ross- B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast) ft. Styles P

Here is the link to Rick Ross’s B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast) Music Video:

Rick Ross’ B.M.F. music video basically can be summed up as telling the story of a drug dealer that feels as if he is drug kingpin, Bigh Meech, and the innovator of a gang, Larry Hoover. The video was directed by Maybach Films and Parris. Just so you are forewarned: this song and video might release your inner thug.      

3 Pros
  1. The video upholds Rick Ross’ thug persona.
  2. The special effects in this video were good, and better than I expected.
  3. A number of regular people are in the video.

3 Cons
  1.  The video showcases negative stereotypes about black people.
  2. Rick Ross was a little too happy to be in the barbershop, that didn’t seem genuine in the least bit.
  3. A few lyrics were censored, and I think Rick Ross could have made replacement words for the video since he knew it was going to be edited. 

Ne-Yo: Beautiful Monster

Here is the link to Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster Music Video:

Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster is the sequel to Champagne Life. Now we see the super hero after he has finished living the champagne life for the night. He seems to be extremely drunk and he reminds me of Will Smith in the movie Hancock. We now get to meet the beautiful monster, or young lady that caused Ne-Yo to break the third rule set forth by Columbus Short, which was to abstain from falling in love.  The video was directed by Wayne Isham and Ne-Yo.

3 Pros
  1. The scenes in the club where people were frozen kept me interested.   
  2. The special effects in this video were good, and better than I expected.
  3. The choreographed dance scenes were well executed.

3 Cons
  1. The way the super heroes’ eyes look are kind of creepy.  
  2. The fight scenes were not as noteworthy as they should have been.  
  3. Ne-Yo’s character reminded me of Hancock too much. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ne-Yo: Champagne Life

Here is the link to Ne-Yo’s Champagne Life Music Video:

Ne-Yo’s Champagne Life music video tells of good times that Ne-Yo and his two friends have since they gained super powers from Columbus Short. The three friends rule the earth as long as they don’t break three rules Columbus Short has set out for them. There is an interview at the end of this video, but I can’t find that version online. The video was directed by Wayne Isham and Ne-Yo.

3 Pros
  1. The music video is a mini-film.
  2. Ne-Yo’s actions make headlines as soon as he does something which is similar to how media treat celebrities nowadays.
  3. The music video has a fun-loving atmosphere for the most part.
3 Cons
  1. This version of the video was more concerned with the friends having a champagne life rather than giving us the plot of this part of the story.
  2. The choreography was lackluster especially since Ne-Yo is a good dancer.
  3. The music video would probably make more sense if people could find the extended verison online.

Eminem- Not Afraid

Here is the link to Eminem’s Not Afraid Music Video:

Eminem’s not afraid video addresses his fears, and he proclaims he is not afraid and will get over his problems. He acknowledges his faults. Yet, he doesn’t completely know himself which is suggested from the distorted images he sees of himself. Eminem literally breaks out of his cage to put his life back in order, and just when he feels he is about to hit rock bottom he gains super powers. Not Afraid was directed by Rich Lee.

3 Pros
  1. Not Afraid was suspenseful because you never know what to expect from Eminem.
  2. I felt Eminem’s pain and I was right there with him getting over it.
  3. Eminem saw himself distorted when he looked in the mirror. 

3 Cons
  1. Some of the symbolism might be a little too deep for some people to catch.
  2. I thought the super powers were very cliché.
  3. There were a lot of themes for one video.  

B.O.B.- Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams

Here is the link to B.O.B’s Airplanes Music Video:

B.O.B. and Hayley Williams team up to convey the idea that they could use a wish. Airplanes does seem like a dream land because of all the lights and solitude. With a word or two all the other people in the video disappear. Airplanes was directed by Hiro Murai. I like the video and I believe it was a great collaboration for all parties.

3 Pros
  1. Hayley was shown singing in photographs.
  2. Hiro Murai did a good job of suddenly getting rid of people in the music video.
  3. Hiro Murai captured the type of emotion I hoped to see from B.O.B. in this video.

3 Cons
  1. The lights were distracting me at times.
  2. I think some of the video could’ve have been a little more in line with the lyrics.
  3. B.O.B. and Hayley are in solitude for most of the video. 

Brisco- On The Wall Ft. Lil' Wayne

 Here is the link to Brisco’s On The Wall Music Video:

Brisco’s On The Wall video is very visually stimulating. Some of the effects used were simply brilliant. The video shows that women want both Brisco and Lil’ Wayne. Yet, I expected to see much more women. I think for a concept like this the male artist shouldn’t be shown together because I would find the thought that women want them so much more believable. On The Wall was directed by Jovii Hendrix.   

3 Pros
  1. The beginning of the video is truly artistic.
  2. There are a lot of elements that I have never seen in a music video.
  3. The video stimulates the artist and critic in me.

3 Cons
  1. The random revolving things in the background that resemble telephone receivers are annoying.
  2. The vibrant colors were nice, but I think they were used in excess.
  3. The video looks as if it could cause an epileptic to have a seizure.  

Sean Garrett- Get It All ft. Nicki Minaj

Here is the link to Sean Garrett’s Get It All Music Video:

Sean Garrett’s Get It All Music video is the story of a guy that has a girlfriend. Yet, the twist is other women think they are more fitting for Mr. Garret. Sean Garret has a lot of attractive women that are telling him he can “get it all.” So, watch the video and see how Sean handles his dating dilemma. The Get It All music video was directed by Sean Garrett and Black Elvis.

3 Pros
  1. The introduction to the song and video was clever.
  2. I liked the majority of the outfits that are worn in Get It All.
  3. I like the fact that Sean tries to give a flashback of his past.
3 Cons
  1. The wipe transition is used a lot back to back and it gets a little repetitive.
  2. I didn’t fully understand who Sean’s Girlfriend was.
  3. I would’ve liked for Nicki Minaj to have a better outfit for her grand entrance. 

Monica-Love All Over Me

Here is the link to Monica’s Love All Over Me Music Video:

Monica’s Love All Over Me music video shows the typical story of girl meets boy they fall in love; boy has to leave, so girl falls in love with another boy. Monica is torn between her old love and her new love, and that concept is relatable because I know a number of people that face the same situation just under different circumstances than Monica. Love All Over Me was directed by Chris Robinson. This is my favorite song on Monica’s latest album Still Standing, and this will most likely be my favorite video from the album.

3 Pros
  1. The video was like a mini-movie.
  2. Shannon Brown of The Lakers was in the video. #enoughsaid  
  3. Viewers get to see both the softer and actor side of rapper Maino
3 Cons
  1. I would've preferred for Monica’s real significant other Rocko to be in the video.
  2. Monica is going to let the viewers choose the end of the music video, but I think it should be left as it is so everyone can choose individually instead of the end being based on a poll.
  3. Now I wonder which man she was talking about in the song. 

Nicki Minaj- Your Love

Here is the link to Nicki Minaj’s Your LoveMusic Video:

Nicki Minaj’s Your Love music video in my words is a display of her self-proclaimed geisha persona. Nicki Minaj’s video showcases Japanese culture with the samurai swords, kimonos, and other aspects. Your Love was directed by Lil X, the protege, of music video legend Hype Williams. The video was not what I thought it would be, but I still liked it.

3 Pros
  1. I liked the look into Japanese culture in an American music video.
  2. Michael Jai White is in the music video.  #enoughsaid 
  3. The music video was not predictable, and I expect out of the box things from Nicki Minaj.
3 Cons
  1. I didn’t like the random cloth that was in the background of the video.
  2. Nicki’s blond wig took away from the Japanese vibe.
  3. The video was a tad too dramatic at times. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Justin Bieber- Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith


Here is the link to Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never Music Video:

Justin Bieber’s Never Say Music video ft. Jaden Smith is the union of two young stars for one cause.  The cause was to make a music video for the song that was featured on The Karate Kid (2010) soundtrack. It was interesting to me because I did not know that Jaden rapped until I saw this music video. The video was simplistic, but effective. I enjoyed seeing the artist interacting with one another because it made me feel as if they were close. However, their actions were distracting me from time to time. The director of the music video is Honey.

3 Pros
  1. In enjoyed the fact clips from The Karate Kid that were played in the music video.
  2. I also liked that the music video was shot in a music studio because you don’t see that often in music videos.
  3. The video clips in music video flowed extremely with the song.

3 Cons
  1. I was distracted by Jaden dancing randomly.  
  2. Random horseplay was also a diversion for me.
  3. The music video also ended awkwardly. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kelly Rowland- Commander ft. David Guetta


Here is the link to Kelly Rowland’s Commander music video:

Kelly Rowland’s Commander music video started off with a crowd of people dancing, so I automatically knew the tone for this video would be a fun filled atmosphere. Kelly emerges out a cloud of smoke, and she proceeds to command the crowd. There is a version of the singer wearing red as well one wearing black. I liked seeing the more edgy side of Kelly. I did not understand how the video tied into the song, but I still enjoyed the music video and I applaud Kelly as well as, Mashai Muto, the producer of the music video.

3 Pros
  1. The crowd sets the mood for a party, and that’s fitting for this song which has a techno type feel.
  2. I like the fact she showcased her DJ and gave him recognition, and I also liked that he transformed into his turntable.  
  3. Kelly commanded the crowd to dance at her music, and then the camera panned to the crowd dancing; I think that shows good artistic vision from the music video producer.
3 Cons
  1. No offense to Kelly, but I felt the spirit of Beyonce in this music video because the weave she was wearing. Her having one version of herself competing against the other one automatically made me think of Sasha Fierce and Beyonce.  
  2. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind their being two version of Kelly in this music video.
  3. I also didn’t understand the concept of a video as a whole in regards to the song. I think it could’ve been depicted in a more clear form and could’ve flowed better with the song

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J. Cole- Who Dat

Here is the link to J. Cole’s Who Dat music video: 

Overall, I like the Who Dat music video because I like the song. I also think the producer of the video did a few things I haven’t seen in a music video before. I liked seeing J. Cole on the TV rather than following him around the streets of Fayetteville, North Carolina the whole time.  I also was fond of J. Cole being on the stage as if he was performing. I also enjoyed the kids following him around the town; it was as if he was the pied piper of hip-hop. All in all the video could’ve been much better. However, I did like it as a video of an artist in their essence. This music video was directed by BBGUN. 

3 Pros

  1. He uses regular people as opposed to other famous people, and he even corporate a marching band.
  2. J. Cole recorded the video in his hometown. 
  3. Pyrotechnics go off when he walks by at the end of the video, which are symbolic of his line “B!&*# I got that flame.”
  1. The steady cam was too close to J. Cole at the beginning of the music video.
  2. The music video seems low budget, and no matter how much money is put into a project it shouldn’t look as if hardly any money was put into the project.
  3. His repetitive hand movements were distracting me, and they were a little annoying to say the least.

I'm Back!


As you all know, I've had a mini hiatus from blogging. I have decided to add a new topic to my blog. I will now be reviewing music videos. These reviews won't be as detailed as the format I used for reviewing mixtapes. However, I will do my best to provide you with a sufficient amount of information about every music video. My first review will be posted before the night is over. I hope you all enjoy! 

With Love,
Roberta "The Media PRHO" Collier 

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Mixtapes I Recommend (Possibly My Last Post Regarding Mixtapes)

I have provided links for you to play and/or download the mixtapes: (I hope you all enjoy them! )

1Dolla- the Miseducation of Dolla

2. Cee-Lo: Stray Bullets

3Wiz Khalifa- Kush & OJ


4Gudda Gudda- Back 2 Guddaville

5Jin- Say Something

Hello friends,

I appreciate what you all have done to make my blog better. My blog improves as I gain feedback from others. Constructive criticism has allowed me to make changes such as changing the font color of my posts from such a bright and blinding blue to this calm and cool shade. I am nothing without the people that visit this blog, so once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This might be my last post in regards to Mixtape Queens and Kings. I am not quite sure yet, but I am sure that I will blog about some form of media that deals with music.

Sincerely Grateful,
Roberta "The Media PRHO" Collier