Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monica-Love All Over Me

Here is the link to Monica’s Love All Over Me Music Video:

Monica’s Love All Over Me music video shows the typical story of girl meets boy they fall in love; boy has to leave, so girl falls in love with another boy. Monica is torn between her old love and her new love, and that concept is relatable because I know a number of people that face the same situation just under different circumstances than Monica. Love All Over Me was directed by Chris Robinson. This is my favorite song on Monica’s latest album Still Standing, and this will most likely be my favorite video from the album.

3 Pros
  1. The video was like a mini-movie.
  2. Shannon Brown of The Lakers was in the video. #enoughsaid  
  3. Viewers get to see both the softer and actor side of rapper Maino
3 Cons
  1. I would've preferred for Monica’s real significant other Rocko to be in the video.
  2. Monica is going to let the viewers choose the end of the music video, but I think it should be left as it is so everyone can choose individually instead of the end being based on a poll.
  3. Now I wonder which man she was talking about in the song. 

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