Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ne-Yo: Beautiful Monster

Here is the link to Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster Music Video:

Ne-Yo’s Beautiful Monster is the sequel to Champagne Life. Now we see the super hero after he has finished living the champagne life for the night. He seems to be extremely drunk and he reminds me of Will Smith in the movie Hancock. We now get to meet the beautiful monster, or young lady that caused Ne-Yo to break the third rule set forth by Columbus Short, which was to abstain from falling in love.  The video was directed by Wayne Isham and Ne-Yo.

3 Pros
  1. The scenes in the club where people were frozen kept me interested.   
  2. The special effects in this video were good, and better than I expected.
  3. The choreographed dance scenes were well executed.

3 Cons
  1. The way the super heroes’ eyes look are kind of creepy.  
  2. The fight scenes were not as noteworthy as they should have been.  
  3. Ne-Yo’s character reminded me of Hancock too much. 

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